Data and Information: Definition, Characteristics, Types, Channels, Approaches

Data and Information

What is Data and Information? Data: The raw material of organizational life; consists of disconnected numbers, words, symbols, and syllables relating to the events and processes of the business. Information: For data to become information, it must be contextualized, categorized, calculated, and condensed. The information thus paints a bigger picture; it is data with relevance … Read more

Types of Computer Memory: Characteristics, Primary Memory, Secondary Memory

Types of Computer Memory

What is Computer Memory? The computer’s memory stores data, instructions required during the processing of data, and output results. Storage may be required for a limited period of time, instantly, or, for an extended period of time. Different types of computer memory, each having its own unique features, are available for use in a computer. … Read more

Computer System: Definition, Characteristics, Functional Units, 6 Components

What is Computer System

What is Computer System? A computer system primarily comprises a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output devices, and storage devices. All these components function together as a single unit to deliver the desired output. A computer system comes in various forms and sizes. It can vary from a high-end server to a personal desktop, laptop, … Read more

10 Types of Computers | History of Computers, Advantages

What is the History of Computers? The history of computing began with an analog machine. In 1623 German scientist Wilhelm Schikard invented the machine that could add, and with the aid of logarithm tables, multiply and divide. Since then the development has passed through a lot of stages. Types of computers can be classified in … Read more

What are C++ Keywords? Set of 59 keywords in C ++

What are C++ Keywords? The words (tokens) that convey a specific meaning to the language compiler are called keywords. These are also known as reserved words as they are reserved by the language for special purposes and cannot be redefined for any other purposes. C++ Keywords List The set of 59 keywords in C ++ … Read more

What are Operators in C? Different Types of Operators in C

What are Operators in C? Operators are tokens constituted by predefined symbols that trigger computers to carry out operations. The participants of an operation are called operands. An operand may be either a constant or a variable. For example, a+b triggers an arithmetic operation in which + (addition) is the operator and a bare operand. … Read more

What are Decision Making Statements in C? Types

What are Decision Making Statements in C? At times, it so happens that the computer may not execute all statements while solving problems. Some statements may be executed in a situation, while they may not be executed in another situation. The computer has to take the required decision in this respect. For this, we have … Read more